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Free! Free! Free!

What could possibly go wrong?
The giveaway for Tears of Heaven is still in effect.  Entering the giveaway is easy! Just follow me on twitter, @RobRoyMcCandles, and tag me in a comment with your favorite villain from fantasy or science fiction. I’m giving away three digital copies of Tears of Heaven.

The giveaway is only open until September 2nd, so be sure to enter right away!

If you’re less of a risk-taker, or don’t have/like/want Twitter, you can always just buy the book.  It's available in paperback and digital versions from all the finest ebook retailers.

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Blame Enough to Go Around—Nazis Be Damned

Bald-faced politics here.

"I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro's great stumbling block in his stride toward freedom is not the White Citizens' Counciler or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate who is more devoted to 'order' than to justice; who prefers a negative peace, which is the absence of tension, to a positive peace, which is the presence of justice; who constantly says: 'I agree with you in the goal you seek, but I cannot agree with your methods of direct action...'"
Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.
Letter from Birmingham Jail

I’ve been struggling for days over the events of Charlottesville and the subsequent fallout.  Political agendas, rife with King’s sentiment of “negative peace” were everywhere, and I was at a loss the reasons why.  Why were otherwise good, respectable, likable individuals railing against the counter-protest, and making the fallacy of generalization, lumping all those who were standing up against Nazis—GODDAMN NAZIS—in with Antifa and its agenda of meeting violence with violence?

Then, this morning, a friend asked me to read this article from CNN, which included the above quote.  It shook me to the core.  King’s quote especially wraps it up.

It's everyone's fault.

There is no moral high-ground to be had.

The problem goes all the way back to the framers of the Constitution who, in their mad desire to create a just and equitable system not just for the rich or the “well-born” but for all, said that freedom of speech—the ability to say almost anything about anything without the fear of government reprisal—must be protected.

And here I join "Those who say 'yes, but...'" from the article—Yes, but . . . that's exactly what democracy and freedom and all the values that we claim to hold dear, are all about. Evelyn Beatrice Hall, translating Voltaire's response to the burning of a book and the beating and exile of its author, encapsulated our belief, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”*

And there we have it.

Tacit approval of an ideology that, at our very core, we should abhor and decry and fight and rage against at every turn.  If we allow for freedom of speech, then we must defend in equal measure freedom of expression and the right to hold an opinion—any opinion—no matter how dangerous.  The Germans, post WWII, looked at the fascist ideology and said, “Never again.”  Fascism is built on abuse and genocide.  The ideology is based on a nationalist agenda, and immediately sets up one group/race as “superior” to all others.  Whether stated or implied, purity of race/nation is the cornerstone of fascism.  All injustices against those deemed "inferior" who fail to meet the arbitrary standards of "purity", up to and including genocide, are not just acceptable, but justified and approved.

But Germany said, “Never again!” and they’ve stuck to that.  No easy task.  The Strafgesetzbuch (German penal code) section 86a forbids the use of symbols and propaganda of groups deemed "unconstitutional" except outside of art, science, education or research.  They’ve recently added the Daesh/ISIS/ISIL flag to that list of symbols.

Here enters the slippery slope argument.

Provided the government deems a symbol, a slogan, a chant an "anything" unconstitutional, then it is.  That could include Mickey Mouse, the Rainbow Flag, or Monster Energy drinks. It doesn't matter if it's 14 words of hate, or the Gettysburg Address—if so ordered, that's how it would be.  Of course, getting a true democratically elected body of government to agree on such is difficult at best, and it's clear the Germans have avoided such a totalitarian slide admirably over the past 70+ years.  But the argument—fallacy that it is—is there, and it's easy to see.

The fear of failure, the myth of persecution, is there and writ large.

So, here we are, freedom-loving, law-abiding, virtue-extolling Americans granting permits to actual, literal, nightmares-become-real Nazis, whose stated agenda is to take power and start subjugating all those "inferior" races as quickly as possible, including murdering them right off the face of the Earth.  Actual advocacy for nothing less than genocide based solely on “racial purity” lines, and we're giving tacit approval to these beliefs.  We allow the President of the United States, the "leader of the free world" to wink and nod and smile, to the point that white power supremacists take his message as open agreement.

Why?  Because we hold freedom of speech higher than the right to life?

I’m at a complete loss as to what role a reasonable citizen should play.  Advocacy of violence is antithetical.  Counter-protesters are maligned, attacked, even killed.  The actions of Nazis are "justified" because . . . I don't know.  They had a permit.  I'm no closer to answer on this, so if you happen to have one, please, feel free.  Comments are below.

* Yes, I assure you, it was not Patrick Henry either who made the statement.  Although the sentiment is certainly wrapped up in his “Give me liberty, or give me death,” never did he utter those words.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Interview with Paul Corcoran

Describe your hero, or heroes.
That’s a relatively easy start, my mum and dad. I’m pretty sure most people come out with a load of stuff about some great historical character or modern-day scientist or tech guy. Not me.

Let me explain why. For all the time, I was lucky enough to spend with my parents I never really knew them until a lot later in their lives than I wished. As a young man, 17 ½ and more a child than a man, I joined the British Army and that was the last time I really spent at home. It was only years later because of the jobs I was doing that I had to undergo what was called at the time ‘vetting’. They dig into you and your family’s past to ensure that there is nothing hidden there which could possibly have a bearing on your security clearance. And what they found out surprised me.

My father had originally been an officer in the Irish Army prior to the outbreak of World War Two. He resigned his commission, left his family in safe and neutral Ireland, to join the RAF to fight with the British against the Nazi’s because he thought it was the right thing to do. During his service, he met my mother and therein lies another story.

My mother had been a nurse with the air ambulance. She served in the western desert where, on one occasion, the pilot of the plane carrying her and a load of wounded got lost, was low on fuel and was forced to set down at a German airfield. Rather than fling them all in a POW camp the Germans treated the wounded, refueled the plane, and sent them on their way. She also somehow took part in Operation Market Garden, the abortive allied attempt to secure the Rhine bridges.

You couldn’t write this stuff! All the time I was growing up my parents never mentioned any of this. When I asked them about it they just told me they thought it was the right thing to do so they did it.

Tell us about your main character.
In my latest novel, ‘The K’Tai War, Book One, Invasion’, there is more than one central character but the main story circulates around the Carter family, Dave and Sue, the parents, and Chris and Jodee, teenagers who are rapidly nearing adulthood.

The planet they live on is invaded by an alien race called the K’Tai, the family becomes separated during the initial invasion and in their struggle to become reunited we learn more about them and the K’Tai.

Without spoiling the story, it quickly becomes evident that Dave and Sue are not the clean-cut family types that they pretend to be, displaying martial skills that only highly trained combat troops would have. In reality, they are… Oh no sorry you are just going to have to read the book to find out.

What type of setting did you place your story in?
The main part of the story takes place on the planet Agate. Once thought to be nothing more than a farming world on the edge of human controlled space bordering the ancient K’Tai Imperium, with the discovery of the rare mineral Redlazore, a key component in the construction of the only known star drive, Agate quickly becomes a major mining colony becoming humanities key source of Redlazore.
The K’Tai Imperium is having its own internal problems and civil war is brewing just beneath the surface and the leaders of the Imperium see the seizing of Agate as an opportunity to slap down the upstart humans and deal a decisive blow in their own war against the secessionists.

What inspired your story?
Having written the Saiph Series, my previous science fiction series, I noticed that it had been almost exclusively concerned with the military and political side of conflict, huge space armada’s blowing the crap out of each other while ignoring the effect war had on the normal guy in the street.

With ‘The K’Tai War’ series I’m trying to tell the story of not only those massive armored combatants but those that are stuck in the middle just trying to keep their family safe during it all until they inevitably get sucked into the conflict.

Is your story a part of a broader work or series?
‘Invasion’ is Book One in ‘The K’Tai War’ series. A series of three planned novels made up by ‘Invasion’, ‘Resistance’, and ‘Secession’.
‘Resistance’ should be out around Christmas with ‘Secession’ out before Easter ’18.

In four lines, tell us about your story.
On the ground, Dave, Sue, Chris and Jodee Carter get caught up in the whirlwind of violence that is the K’Tai invasion of their homeworld. Separated they must each fight to survive and reach safety.
In space, the K’Tai forces easily vanquish the much smaller human forces of the League. What they had assumed would be an easy victory and a short, sharp conflict rapidly turns into a war of attrition they cannot afford.

Who is your favorite author or book series?
Well I read a lot of alternative history as well as science fiction so if I could indulge you with two authors.

Firstly, General Sir John Hackets ‘The Third World War’. A book which I read while serving in Germany shortly after the Berlin Wall came down. The book is a terrifyingly realistic telling of how easily it would have been for the world to descend into a Third World War and how that war could have been thought. For a young man sitting only a few miles from what was a couple of years before the Inner German Border and the overwhelming forces of the Warsaw Pact it had an impact on my outlook on life and politics.

The second book, a series really, was one which most probably inspired me to begin writing my own military science fiction. The Starfire Series by David Weber and Steve White.

What can I say, outstanding military science fiction by two of the biggest names in the game. An enemy we all love to hate and fear in equal measure. A mix of races who come together to fight a common enemy because if they don’t it’s the end of the line for all of them. A war that rages from one side of the galaxy to the other. Yeah it does not get any better!

What are you working on now?

Busy, busy. I am working on the fourth book in the Saiph Series, ‘Legacy of the Saiph’, due out mid-October. The second K’Tai War book, ‘Resistance’, due out before Christmas. An untitled work in another successful author’s universe which I hope to be able to tell you all about in the near future but for now my lips must remain firmly sealed. And last but not least the first book from my own small publishing press, Matthew Williams ‘The Cronian Incident’, which will be released in mid-September.

About the Author

Author of the Amazon bestselling Saiph Series, PP Corcoran writes fast-paced military science fiction because he gets to mix his two loves; shoot em ups and science. A 22-year-veteran of the British Army, Paul began his writing career in 2014. After serving all round the world, this native of Scotland now lives in Northern Ireland and writes epic space opera for a living; he recently ranked #10 in Amazon's Sci-Fi Authors.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Authors Show - Part III

Here it is, the interview with The Author’s Show.  It’s available for only 24 hours.  Should there be more demand, I’ll look into buying the interview for further review.

It came off exactly as I was advised, very professional sounding.  It’s about fifteen minutes long, and all the “umms,” and “uhhs” and silences were removed.

Proves once again that I have a voice made for newsprint!

Enter To Win!

Is there anything better than free!?
Free, to a good home—Enter to win a copy of TEARS OF HEAVEN today!  Click here for details!

A child of angels and humans, Del is a sarcastic, fast-talking, dangerous, and unpredictable demon hunter. She and her partner Marrin take their orders directly from the angel Ahadiel. They obey, or they’ll be destroyed. It’s not the job Del wants, but it’s the job she has.

Normally, banishing a rogue demon back to Hell wouldn’t be a problem. Del and Marrin have a few centuries of experience. It’s all part of the job description. But when Ahadiel orders them to take down three demons at the once the job goes from bad to worse. The demons, with supernatural powers and their own agenda, have kidnapped children for their own nefarious ends.

With angels breathing down her neck, children to save, and demons gunning for her blood, Del is running out of time.

That’s exactly where she wants to be.

Book 1 of the Flames of Perdition series.

You can also buy TEARS OF HEAVEN from any fine book or ebook retailer including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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Author Interview - Matthew Williams

The Cronin Incident by Matthew Williams
Describe your hero, or heroes.

For starters, Elon Musk. His ability to commit to ambitious plans and then make them happen has never ceased to amaze me. Jeff Bezos is another, since he too is a major innovator who is making change happen, especially where it counts (i.e. space exploration!) Last, but definitely not least, there’s Chris Hadfield. There is a man who really has done it all. In addition to being a pilot and the first Canadian to command an ISS mission, he has gone on to become an inspirational speaker and science communicator.

Tell us about your main character.

The main character of my story in Jeremiah Ward. He is a former, disgraced investigator whose struggles with addiction led to the tragic deaths of two witnesses. For his failure, he is now a convict laborer serving out a lengthy sentence on Mercury’s mining colony. He grew up on Mars, in an era characterized by post-scarcity, transhumanism, augmentation, and no limitations. After years of chasing down human traffickers, smugglers and assorted scum, he turned to the designer-drug Glo as a means of escape. What he craves now, however, is a shot at redemption.

What type of setting did you place your story in?

The story takes place in the late 23rd century, where humanity has colonized the Solar System. From Mercury to the Kuiper Belt, settlements exist on every planet, moons, major asteroid, and in rotating cylinders around the Sun’s Lagrange Points. But between the Inner Worlds of Venus, Earth and Mars and the Outer World (the moons of Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus), a divide exists. Whereas the Inner Worlds are bastions of development and post-Singularity technology, life in the Outer Worlds is much more rugged and modest. There are those who fear that the line that exists between the “Extros” (highly-advanced people) and “Retros” (traditional people) could someday lead to open conflict.

What inspired your story?

The idea was largely inspired by my writing for Universe Today. After writing extensively about the Solar System, I began to contemplate what life on its various planets, moons and bodies would be like. At the same time, I had been thinking of writing a story about what human colonization efforts would look like, and what kinds of forces would drive it. In the end, I brought these two sources of inspiration together and The Cronian Incident was born!

Is your story a part of a broader work or series?

The novel is part of a planned trilogy which is named the Formist Series. The name refers to the faction in the story (the Formists) who are dedicated to terraforming Mars. As you may imagine, they are at the center of many intrigues in this series.

In four lines, tell us about your story.

Jeremiah Ward was just another convict serving out his sentence on the mining colony of Mercury. But when a member of a high-profile Martian faction goes missing on Saturn’s moon Titan, the disgraced investigator gets an offer he can’t refuse. In exchange for looking into the disappearance of this man, his sentence will be commuted and he will get a second shot at life. But the deeper Ward digs, the more he realizes that this is not just a missing’s person case. What he finds is a conspiracy that was centuries in the making, and a shot at redemption that could end up costing him his life.

More than four lines, sorry. That is the shortest description I could give ;)

Who is your favorite author or book series?

1984, by George Orwell
Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley
Rainbow’s End, by Vernor Vinge
Guns, Germs and Steel, by Jared Diamond
A Short History of Progress, by Ronald Wright
Rendezvous with Rama and 2001: A Space Odyssey, by Arthur C. Clarke
The Diamond Age, by Neal Stephenson
The Sprawl Trilogy, by Williams Gibson
The Foundation series, by Isaac Asimov
Accelerando and Halting State, by Charles Stross
The Dune series, by Frank Herbert
The Revelation Space series, by Alastair Reynolds

What are you working on now?

At the moment, I am busy working on the sequel to The Cronian Incident. Titled The Jovian Manifesto, this book picks up where the first left off and should be available in the near future!

Matthew Williams
About the Author
Matthew S Williams is a professional writer and former educator who lives on Vancouver Island with his wife and family. His articles have been featured in Universe Today, HeroX, Popular Mechanics, Business Insider, Gizmodo and IO9, with topics ranging from astronomy and Earth sciences to technological innovation and environmental issues.

Follow Williams at:

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Why aren't you buying Rob's books?
You may or may not be aware, but right now you can preview the first chapter for both Tears of Heaven and the sequel Hell Becomes Her from my website.

If you prefer direct links, here they are:

A preview chapter of Company of the Damned should be available sometime in September.  Also, a reminder of some dates:

Now—Listen to the interview on The Authors Stories Podcast
Next week, Tuesday, August 22ndThe Authors Show Broadcast (available 24 hours only)
Next month, Friday, September 15thHell Becomes Her RELEASES!
Later 2017/Early 2018—Company of the Damned, the final chapter for Del will release!

Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see or hear in the comments below.

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In honor of the cover release today for Hell Becomes Her, here’s a little teaser text from Chapter 5—Directing:

It can’t end like this, Del thought as the men took up their positions.

She knew they’d lost. It was only in Hollywood that a hero with two guns could take down a room of bad guys armed with automatic weapons. In the really real world, even with Marrin as her back-up, they might get off a few shots, she might even be able to follow through on her threat to shoot Freyja, but a moment later, there would be a couple hundred bullets tearing through the two Nephilim and they’d be dead. Del tried to keep her hands still on the SIGs.

Jordan needs me, she thought, there has to be something.

She glanced from Freyja to the two men in front of her. Their guns were shouldered, pointed at her and Marrin, and didn’t move or waver. Their gazes were hard and fixed. For all their Western-wear, they were decidedly professional now, and she and Marrin were stuck.

There has to be something, Del told herself again. There has to be a better way.

Del wanted to look behind her and see if the kicked chair had actually evened the odds a little. If it hadn’t, that meant six men total, one with a handgun, five armed with high-quality automatic weapons. The two in front kept them in place where they knelt. Everyone was at least an arm’s distance away from Del and Marrin, the result of experience and smart training. The two Nephilim were fast, faster than any mortals and perhaps faster than the Dokkalfar, but not faster than bullets, and certainly not faster than automatic weapons’ fire. The four behind them might be overkill, but they’d get the job done.

Dead was still dead.

There had to be a better way.

Also, here’s the full layout, back and front covers, for Hell Becomes Her!

HELL BECOMES HER - Cover Reveal!

I somewhat proudly present the new cover for Hell Becomes Her!  Big, big thanks goes out to Jennifer Givner of Acapella Book Cover Design.  Jennifer was incredibly easy to work with, and a very nice person of impeccable character!  You can also see the very nice things that Joe Clifford had to say about Hell Becomes Her.  Joe is an amazing author and you should all go buy one of his books!

Finally, if you want to read the first chapter of Hell Becomes Her it’s totally available.  Click here and enjoy!

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More Dates and The Authors Show

Here’s some additional dates for you to remember:

Tomorrow, August 15thHell Becomes Her cover reveal!
Next week, August 22nd—The Authors Show broadcast (available only 24 hours)
Next month, Friday, September 15thHell Becomes Her RELEASES!

Here’s your teaser for the cover:

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Andre Polk Memorial Anthology

That's a fantastic cover!
Earlier this year, the Space Opera: Writers Facebook group lost one of our most enthusiastic members.  Andre Polk was that rare, motivated, friendly, interesting, interested kind of person that lifts everyone up just by being.  He was working on his first novel, and if it was anything like Andre, it would have been wonderful.  Tragically, he passed away, and the loss was felt by the entire group.

On of Andre’s points for discussion was his Question of the Day (QOTD).  The QOTD posts, as they were known in the group, always made you stop, think, and consider—exactly the kind that prompt lengthy discussions, pushing for deeper thought and consideration.

The members of Space Opera: Writers joined forces to honor Andre with a collection of short stories and poetry to pay homage to our fallen friend—Question of the Day: The Andre Polk Memorial Anthology.  All the proceeds from this anthology will go to his family. The book should release in September, including my own short-story submission: Visions of ARES.

More information will be provided when it is available.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Hell Becomes Her - Cover Blurb

Locked, Loaded and Ready!
Cover blurb for Hell Becomes Her!  Enjoy!


For centuries, Del has been responsible for banishing demons back to Hell.  These days she takes her orders, does her job, and goes home to kiss her daughter Jordan goodnight.

But when Jordan is kidnapped, Del learns the world is even more dangerous than she believed.

Lost in the deserts of Northern Nevada, confronted with myths and legends hungry for blood, Del may have to fight an entire army to get her daughter back.

It’s all in a day’s work for a half-angel.


Hell Becomes Her will re-release Friday, September 15th, 2017!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Covers and Books and Dates—Hell Becomes Her Re-Release

Well, here we go again!

Things are moving fast and faster.  Working with a great set of people can have that effect sometimes.  So, here are some dates that you can mark on your calendar and start counting down:

New cover art for Hell Becomes Her will release August 15th.

The re-release of Hell Becomes Her will happen late September 15th.

Here’s your little sample:

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Interview With David Ellis

Card key . . . but why?
For tonight’s interview with yet another fantastic author in the ongoing Author Interviews series, I’m ecstatic to be introducing you all to RobRoy McCandless and his fabulous fantasy fiction world.
Enjoy the show and have a relaxing one folks 

Hi there Rob, thank you for joining us to chat about your written works and helping us to get to know you a little better, along with sharing your writing passions and influences.

Thanks David. I really appreciate your time and the opportunity.

Let’s start with your urban fantasy debut novel “TEARS OF HEAVEN”, which you just recently re-released last month. Please tell us more about the paranormal themes behind your novel, the background behind your lead characters and what conflicts they will face across the course of their adventures.

People think they want to meet an angel, but they really don’t. The awful truth is that meeting an angel would be the scariest, most life-altering moment of any mortal’s short existence. How much worse, then, would it be to be a half-angel, Nephilim, and have to interact with angels on a regular basis. According to Biblical myths, the Nephilim were great, terrible heroes who proved too strong, and too ambitious. TEARS OF HEAVEN explores what happens after the Nephilim, specifically Del and her partner Marrin are taken in hand, and given the task of keeping the world safe from demons.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Authors Show - Part II

Memories of a simpler time!
Early last month, I was contacted by The Authors Show.  This article is Part II of that experience.  It appears there will likely be a Part III as well, so stay tuned.

This isn’t my first rodeo, so I went into this one with eyes wide open.  The early communications mention that this is wholly a marketing experience, rather than a podcast or vlog interview.  That translates into, “You’ll be spending money, and it won’t be the $2 menu at Denny’s!”

The old rule of “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it” generally applies to most of these kinds of “marketing opportunities”.  Other groups will contact authors, and provide lengthy emails laying out all the reasons I should market—but no list of services or price list—and a statement saying that if interested, respond again.  This is most likely to determine if the email is real, add you to their email marketing list, and continue to wear you down with all the reasons you should invest with them.

The idea is that if they have so much background, then CLEARLY, they’re good and you’ll see results.  UNFORTUNATELY, if something seems too good to be true, it likely is—you’re being fleeced.  A bit of research indicates mixed reviews for such email solicitors, and most follow ups end with prices that are so outrageous (for indie/small press authors) and little to no guarantee, that it wasn’t worth my time to send the first email.

The follow-up contact and interview with Don McCauley, the Host of The Authors Show was very interesting.  I was sent a list of questions to complete and return, and then asked to supply ten to fifteen of my own questions to be asked during the interview.  The questions Don provided were fascinating and well worth answering yourself, even if you never do this kind of interview in the future:
My brand?  Being awesome!

1. What is your branding statement?
(If you do not have a branding statement, see this short video:

2. What is the PRIMARY benefit, above all others, that your potential reader will gain from reading this book?
(Be very specific. Please do not answer with 'good read' or 'page turner' or some other worn out, overused phrase. Be concise and avoid generalization.)

3. If you had to compare this book to any other book out there, which book would it be?
(Remember: The audience does not yet know you. It is very important that you reference something they might be familiar with to effectively and powerfully communicate what your work is about. You are NOT saying you are 'better than' or 'just like' this comparative, but are somewhat the same in a very general sense, to give the listener a point of reference.)

4. Hundreds of thousands of books come out every year. Why should someone buy THIS book?
(What is it that sets THIS book apart from ALL those other books in the same genre or category? What will the buyer get from you and ONLY you that simply cannot be found elsewhere?)

5. Who is your target audience?
(Be very specific. Gender? Age range? Geographic area? Primary interests? What benefits does the reader hope to gain from buying a book like this book?)

6. What are your marketing goal(s)?

7. In regards to this book in particular, what have you found to be your biggest marketing challenge?

I spoke with Don directly, and mostly it was him telling me what to expect, what I needed to have ready, etc.  Don is very professional, and it’s clear he’s not only been to the rodeo before, he organizes and puts on a helluva a performance.

And now to get some of that marketing goodness!
On the assigned day, I had some technical difficulties with my computer, which delayed the interview while I sorted them.  Don was professional the entire time, although it’s clear I was the amateur here.  Once we got going, Don laid out a lot of guidelines that might be overwhelming.  The actual, finished interview product is only about 15 minutes—but the interview itself takes as long as it’s going to take.  You can pause, “umm” and “uhh” all you want, stumble over responses, or even give responses a second or third attempt.  I did more than my fair share of tripping over my own tongue, but everything came together in the end.

After we were done, Don walked me through the next steps which included watching the website for my show to come up, so I can market it appropriately (it will only be available for 24 hours, and then they’re “archived”.  If you don’t pay for one of the plans, then your interview is essentially deleted.  You DO NOT receive a copy.  However, there are “affordable” options:

Bronze Plan $129: This includes an MP3 copy and 3 featured broadcasts.
Silver Plan $299: 6 months archiving + featured rebroadcast, 6 months daily marketing outreach & weekly publicity, and the MP3
Gold Plan $399: 12 months dedicated web page, 12 months archiving + featured rebroadcast, 12 months daily marketing outreach & weekly publicity, and the mp3

Then we come to the top, the Gold24 Plan at $499.  This gives you 24 months of everything above, the MP3 copy, and a “video” over the interview, which is your book cover and headshot and 5 additional images of your choice.  They also promote via a larger social media platform for the 24 months.

All in all, I don’t feel like they’re trying to cheat or rip anyone off.  The Authors Show
Now and forever!
is providing a product (a professionally edited 15-minute interview) and depending on how an author is marketing (and, of course, what your marketing budget is) this can work out pretty well.

I DO NOT recommend this for brand new authors trying to get their name out there.  It’s not that kind of service.  This isn’t the place to blow your entire marketing budget and hope you’re going to earn it back.  For more advanced indie/small press authors who have been around the block a few times, you know best what level you’re going to be able to afford, the potential return on investment, and how to push your stuff.

I enjoyed the interview process, and certainly The Authors Show gave me some additional things to think about in terms of marketing.  I’m not certain if I’m going to invest further.  I’ll wait to hear how I actually turn out in the interview first.