Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Cover Quotes For The Win

Nothing says it all like that!
Cover quotes are pretty snazzy.  They aren’t necessarily needed, but they can help to provide some reassurance to the reader that the book they’re holding is worthwhile.  It was great to get quotes for my books from such literary luminaries as Nick Cole and Joe Clifford for your reading enjoyment:

With McCandless, the action doesn’t stop from the get go.  And get going it does.  Taut, tight, pulse pounding, this struggle between good and evil reads like a thriller.  Non-stop action.

Nick Cole, author of CTRL ALT Revolt! Winner Dragon Award 2016

McCandless’s Hell Becomes Her reads like Tarantino’s fictional Fox Force Five in novel form, if 5 became 3, and there were more angels. McCandless’s follow-up to Tears of Heaven, Hell crosses genre like space and time, injecting heavy doses of pop culture and wry humor, with snappy dialogue, non-stop action, and exotic if not wholly romantic locations. The result is a dizzying hybrid of sci-fi, superhero, and good ol’ fashioned private eye fiction, tied together by the noblest pursuit of all: the preservation of innocence.

Joe Clifford, author of the Jay Porter Thriller Series

Nick and Joe, thank you so much for taking the time and saying such kind things!

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