Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Good News and Bad News

And scream, and scream, and scream . . .
This is a good news / bad news kind of post.

The bad news is that my publisher is closing doors.  A form email went out to all the authors over the weekend letting us know that Wild Child Publishing is shutting down.  I’m not quite certain what that means for the books currently out there, so I’ll keep you posted.

The good news from this is that I’ll do whatever it takes to make certain Tears of Heaven and Hell Becomes Her are still available for purchase . . . somehow.  CreateSpace is the most likely source, and I’ve worked through that before to produce Xavier and Bear on Crabby Pond.  That experience will definitely come into play when working out how to get the books back up.

The other bad news is that I’m not certain about reviews and current links and so forth.  It’s starting to sound like a lot of work that I’ll have to do to keep everything flowing smoothly.

On the other hand, the other good news is that this might free me to update/change the cover for Tears of Heaven.  It’s a fine cover, but it doesn’t quite go with what I’m working on, and won’t line up with the third book.

Another potentially good news is that, should I ever become famous, those initial run prints of Tears of Heaven and Hell Becomes Her would be considered rare collectors items so long as they have the Wild Child imprint.  If you've been holding out on purchasing the books, now may well be your time!  Buy early.  Buy often!  It's an excellent investment as I can assure you I'm a wonderful writer with a real future—at least that's what the roadside psychic said, right before a sixteen-wheeler plowed through her stand.

Not mad.  Just disappointed.
Funny, you'd think she'd have seen that coming . . . what with the horns and all?

Ahhh, yes, that’s the final bit of bad / good news—Company of the Damned.  I’m not quite certain how this will impact the release of the next Del book.  Obviously, the book will not go through Wild Child’s editing process.  Unless a book series is selling like crazy, most publishing houses won’t take on a book in the middle of the series.  That means that Company of the Damned will most likely have to come out as an indie.  That, in itself, isn’t problematic, but it will certainly limit the number of platforms the book can be released to.

Meanwhile, progress continues on Forge of Heroes, the novella that I’m editing/updating from my fantasy novel The Blood of Heroes.  I managed to nearly complete the next chapter over this weekend.

Stay tuned!


  1. Sorry to hear your publisher is shutting down. If you need any help formatting for Create Space or anything, drop me a line. Don't fret too much about your reviews, either. I've got a couple friends who've had their publishers vanish. A little work with Amazon got their reviews back after they self re-pubbed their books.