Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Secret Project—Revealed

Lengthen your stride and quicken your pace!
I can’t even tell you have excited I am.  Last week, I announced a “secret project” with really wasn’t that much of a secret if you paid attention.  But for those who are new, I set out to build a replacement of the bookmark I lost.  The idea came to me after I finished working on my son’s storybook.  For that, I’d taken to Fiverr.com and found an artist whose work was in line with what I was trying to create.  I had a wonderful experience, and the whole project came together so well that I returned to Fiverr and found another artist to handle this project.

As I crafted the message to the artist I’d selected see if the project was doable, I started searching for an image the approximated what I was trying to recreate.  I was only looking for an image that was similar enough, and then I hoped the artist could create the graphic I was looking for.  My search for “gnome with book” turned up a listing on eBay for some bookplates with THE GNOME.  Not just any gnome—THE GNOME!

Where, previously, I’d been pleased by the concept of the project and the potential final outcome, now I was FREAKING OVERJOYED!  I quickly tracked down the bookplates, purchased them, attached the image and waited.  After I’d chewed all my fingernails off and started on the toes, I received a response from the artist, and we were off!

His final reproduction and coloring of the image was pretty spot-on as far as I’m concerned.  Obviously, I don’t recall the exact details, but this project started out merely trying to create a reasonable replacement.  The image that I received matches the one in my memory, and that’s good enough for me.  That I now have the actual image (plus bookplates!) is an order of magnitude more than I had imagined.

Sometimes, it’s really great to live in the digital age.

If anyone is interesting in owning one, send me a message.  I’ll have about 20 extra and I’d be happy to share!  Here's the graphic of the bookmark.  The final will include a beautiful, dark green tassel.

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