Monday, June 13, 2016

Monday You Can Fall Apart

There's a gnome who knows what he's about!
Most of us with young kids haven’t had a good nights sleep in, well, forever.  In my case, it’s been about nine years.  From about the time my wife was pregnant with our first son and right through last night as well.

My family is off in Salt Lake City at the NSDA National Speech Tournament.  This means that I can do one of my favorite things—clean the house.  What’s so great about this is that for at least this week, the house will actually stay clean.  Pillows and throw blankets won’t be turned into forts; Legos won’t be turned into a landmine obstacle course; shoes won’t become tripping hazards.

Alright, fine.  I miss my family!

I did think that I could sneak off to bed early last night and get a decent amount of sleep.

As Lana, from Archer would say, “NOOOOOPE!”

My sleep was so poor that I woke up late and had to forgo shaving this morning to make it to work on time.  I’m tired, sore and tired.  Also, I’m tired.

Happy Monday!

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