Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Hey pal, wanna read a good book?
Hey!  Yes, you!  You look like an individual of integrity and discerning taste.  What if I was to tell you that you can have, in your digital hands, a copy of Hell Becomes Her for absolutely free?

What’s that?  I must be lying?

No, no.  I assure you.  This offer is 110% legit.  I did the math myself.

Well, of course “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”, but this deal comes darn-tootin’ close.  Let me explain.

There are some magic numbers in the book-selling industry, especially if you’re dealing with Amazon (and almost everyone is).  Two of those numbers, which are really important to writers and their publishers are: 25 and 50.

Innocuous though they may seem, these two numbers represent bright-lines for any particular book.  Around 25 reviews, Amazon’s algorithm starts to include a book in the “Also Bought” and “You Might Like” categories.  These are helpful if you happen to be interested in a specific genre, say urban fantasy, and would like to read similar titles.

Starting around 50 reviews, Amazon begins to really get aroused.  The system will start to look more seriously at the book and may push it to spotlight positions.

Two books are better than one!
Good reviews are also important.  The higher the rating, generally speaking, the higher quality the book (or at least the potential enjoyment).  Some advertisers even use the number of reviews and the review average to determine if a book is worth highlighting to their subscribers.

So that’s the deal, plain and simple—receive a free copy of Hell Becomes Her and, if you enjoyed the book, post a review on Amazon.  The review doesn’t have to be long.  One of my favorite reviews (or at least most memorable) for Tears of Heaven is: “Still A Better Love Story Than "Twilight".”  I assure you, I'm not buying your review, and you're in no way obligated to give a review—positive or otherwise.

If you’re breathing and if you have an opinion and if you’re capable of sharing it, I would like to give you Hell Becomes Her absolutely free.

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