Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Blood Sucking for the Win!

Coronavirus Modified Vehicle

It was surreal today.

Due to my recent illness, my doctor ordered some blood tests for me. Not Covid, just my usual.

With my reduced immune-system, I was leery at best of going to the epicenter sick people. But rather go and get checked out, than end up in the hospital anyhow for something that could have been prevented.

I put on my lovely, handmade mask, and drove down. It was nice enough on the freeway for SoCal. Practically dead for what would normally be rush hour. The hospital has cordoned off all entrances except one, and they were checking everyone’s temperature. After a few failed attempts, the nurse finally passed me through. I received a sticker to prove I’d been checked, and off I went to the lab.

Usually, the lab is packed right before opening, which is why I hate going. This morning, only two other people were waiting. I took my number, and sat down to wait for them to open. I like that about the lab.  Doors are open, chairs are available, so you don’t have to stand in the hall. A “lab manager” came out to give us all instructions on how things would go, because it wasn’t going to be anything normal.

That was nice.

Covid Rush Hour
Usually, you don’t know if you should take the number and have a seat, take the number and stand in line, or just stand in line.  It’s always annoyed me how the desk workers snidely provide direction several minutes after someone walks in and looks around uncertain, then does the “wrong” thing.

Not today.

I get my blood drawn A LOT, so I know a good phlebotomist from one who is having a bad day. I got the bad morning drawer, and DAY-UM it hurt. She kept moving the needle around trying to find the vein.  I’m still sore.

After that, I was gone. The waiting room was still nearly dead, and so was the parking lot. Two things that are always overfilled and annoying. Crazy times.

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