Thursday, December 15, 2016

We're Fine, We're All Fine Here

Actual picture of my nurse!
I never know how many people actually read, let alone appreciate, my blog posts or various tweets—until yesterday.  I was waiting patiently (no, seriously) at my doctor’s office for a schedule pre-op appointment, I sent out what I thought was a funny, observational tweet:

The nurse had told me twice in the past 45 minutes that the doctor would see me in "five minutes".

This morning, my Facebook page, which Twitter automatically posts to, was filled with comments and some concerns, over my well-being.  It went beyond heart-warming, as I followed what started to become a conversation about me and my status.  Fortunately, one of the concerned folk Tweeted to me directly, and after I responded (non-descript, is the term used), he was able to assure everyone else I was OK.

Or at least as OK as a guy like me can be.

You don’t really know how many lives you touch, and how great that impact can be.  I’m not going to get all sappy in this post, but it did give a lovely morale boost.  It’s great to know that, even people you’ve never met, think you’re a worthwhile human being.

Or else they called dibs on your stereo and cassette collection.

(Hands off, you vultures!  I'm taking them with me!)

Whichever, I thank all of you who saw the post and were even slightly concerned (or just wanted to mock me).  You've warmed the cockles, the sub-cockles and the undercoating of my heart.

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