Tuesday, August 15, 2017


In honor of the cover release today for Hell Becomes Her, here’s a little teaser text from Chapter 5—Directing:

It can’t end like this, Del thought as the men took up their positions.

She knew they’d lost. It was only in Hollywood that a hero with two guns could take down a room of bad guys armed with automatic weapons. In the really real world, even with Marrin as her back-up, they might get off a few shots, she might even be able to follow through on her threat to shoot Freyja, but a moment later, there would be a couple hundred bullets tearing through the two Nephilim and they’d be dead. Del tried to keep her hands still on the SIGs.

Jordan needs me, she thought, there has to be something.

She glanced from Freyja to the two men in front of her. Their guns were shouldered, pointed at her and Marrin, and didn’t move or waver. Their gazes were hard and fixed. For all their Western-wear, they were decidedly professional now, and she and Marrin were stuck.

There has to be something, Del told herself again. There has to be a better way.

Del wanted to look behind her and see if the kicked chair had actually evened the odds a little. If it hadn’t, that meant six men total, one with a handgun, five armed with high-quality automatic weapons. The two in front kept them in place where they knelt. Everyone was at least an arm’s distance away from Del and Marrin, the result of experience and smart training. The two Nephilim were fast, faster than any mortals and perhaps faster than the Dokkalfar, but not faster than bullets, and certainly not faster than automatic weapons’ fire. The four behind them might be overkill, but they’d get the job done.

Dead was still dead.

There had to be a better way.

Also, here’s the full layout, back and front covers, for Hell Becomes Her!

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