Monday, August 7, 2017

Hank Garner Podcast Interview

Hey!  You know this guy!
There aren’t enough good words to say about Hank Garner and The Author Stories Podcast.  We’ll have to borrow some from Lewis Carroll.  The interview that I did with Garner was a thoroughly enjoyable maxome experience.  He’s been doing this for some time now, and you can see form his site that he’s nabbed some incredibly frumious names in the industry.  Garner looks like a former Marine, the kind of uffish cigar-chewing hard-nose you’d expect to look at a wound and say, “I ain’t got time to bleed.”

And the wound would obediently close up and give him no more trouble.

In contrast, Garner has a frabjous voice that makes angels jealous—as the angelpunk author, I can assure you this is true.  I did the math.

So, give Hank (and me) a bit of your time to listen to this excellent discussion of reading, writing, inspiration, perspiration and, of course, Tears of Heaven.

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