Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Enter To Win!

Is there anything better than free!?
Free, to a good home—Enter to win a copy of TEARS OF HEAVEN today!  Click here for details!

A child of angels and humans, Del is a sarcastic, fast-talking, dangerous, and unpredictable demon hunter. She and her partner Marrin take their orders directly from the angel Ahadiel. They obey, or they’ll be destroyed. It’s not the job Del wants, but it’s the job she has.

Normally, banishing a rogue demon back to Hell wouldn’t be a problem. Del and Marrin have a few centuries of experience. It’s all part of the job description. But when Ahadiel orders them to take down three demons at the once the job goes from bad to worse. The demons, with supernatural powers and their own agenda, have kidnapped children for their own nefarious ends.

With angels breathing down her neck, children to save, and demons gunning for her blood, Del is running out of time.

That’s exactly where she wants to be.

Book 1 of the Flames of Perdition series.

You can also buy TEARS OF HEAVEN from any fine book or ebook retailer including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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