Saturday, August 12, 2017

Andre Polk Memorial Anthology

That's a fantastic cover!
Earlier this year, the Space Opera: Writers Facebook group lost one of our most enthusiastic members.  Andre Polk was that rare, motivated, friendly, interesting, interested kind of person that lifts everyone up just by being.  He was working on his first novel, and if it was anything like Andre, it would have been wonderful.  Tragically, he passed away, and the loss was felt by the entire group.

On of Andre’s points for discussion was his Question of the Day (QOTD).  The QOTD posts, as they were known in the group, always made you stop, think, and consider—exactly the kind that prompt lengthy discussions, pushing for deeper thought and consideration.

The members of Space Opera: Writers joined forces to honor Andre with a collection of short stories and poetry to pay homage to our fallen friend—Question of the Day: The Andre Polk Memorial Anthology.  All the proceeds from this anthology will go to his family. The book should release in September, including my own short-story submission: Visions of ARES.

More information will be provided when it is available.

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