Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hell Becomes Her - Available Today!

Be careful what you wish for.  You wanted more Del.

You already know that angels should be a human’s worst nightmare. Del didn’t think there was anything worse than angels, or their fallen kin, demons. She and her partner Marrin helped to keep the world safe from the horrors of escaped demons for generations. But when Del’s daughter is kidnapped by a shadowy group, she’ll find that the world is even more dangerous than she suspected.

There are worse things than angels and demons.

“Let me help,” Jane said.

Del wanted to hit the other woman. She didn’t want help. She wanted Jordan. She wanted her daughter. She wanted to empty two full magazines into the smug, angular face of the bastard who took her, and let Jordan know nothing like this would happen again. But she was tired, weak and in pain. They’d taken Jordan, and she didn’t know who to hit or who to shoot. She wasn’t certain if she was capable of either in her current state. She started to wave Jane off, but the other woman’s strong hands slid under Del’s arms and took enough of her weight to help. Del was able to get into the nearest chair and sit somewhat normally in one burst of effort.

“Burning burning Hell,” Del swore again. “How long?”

“A little better than four hours,” Jane said.

“Damn it,” Del muttered.

Any time at all was too much. Four hours could put the attackers and Jordan on a plane and across the country by now. If it was a charter flight, or if the arrangements had been well planned, they could be on their way to anywhere in the world.

“Let’s get this over with,” Del said.

She pulled one of her SIGs and aimed it at Jane. She kept her finger off the trigger, resting on the guard. The mortal woman froze where she stood, slightly stooped over and uncomfortable. The concern on Jane’s face melted into anger and fear. Del didn’t care if the woman hated her right now. She gestured with the gun for Jane to stand up straight.

“Tell me,” Del ordered, “and be honest. Were you in on it?”

Jane tensed. “Are you serious?”

Del narrowed her eyes.

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