Monday, November 9, 2015

4.5 Stars—Christopher Taylor Review

What this scene needs is more win!
Special thanks to author Christopher Taylor at Kestral Arts who provided this very kind review of Tears of Heaven:

This is R.A McCandless' debut novel, an urban fantasy with flashbacks to ancient times tying the story together through history.

The world he has created is a fascinating, unique one taking aspects of Biblical narrative and turning them into a fantasy setting in which the Nephilim (half-angels) still walk the earth, immortal and incredibly powerful. They serve The Throne, the creator, working to fight and destroy either "rogues" (essentially demons, fallen angels) or fellow Nephilim who have broken the rules.

Tears of Heaven follows one such Nephilim named Del (for short) who is millennia old, having been born a few hundred years before Christ. She is essentially an assassin for heaven, given missions by angels and working to teach a somewhat younger Nephilim the tricks of the trade. Angry, bitter, frustrated, and harsh, she is still likable, but difficult to get close to.

In a series of alternating storylines, Del's past and the source of her growing animosity toward the world is revealed, and this first book does an excellent job establishing the strange, yet familiar world she lives in.

Well-written and well-plotted, the book has a satisfying arc of events and characters that lacked any absurd contradictions or failures in logic and events that so many modern books fall prey to. There is a sequel on the way which will continue Del's story, which I look forward to.

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