Friday, November 20, 2015

Boys and Mountains

Last night (after tears, time-outs, and songs) Xavi, with a very serious and mature face said:

“Daddy, I want to talk to you about my hiking mission.”

Yep, those are Xavi Tears.
My boys were off from school yesterday (and again today) and their sitter took them up Mt. Rubidoux.  It has a very nice, wide, paved pathway that meanders around the very short mountain to the top.  I used to run it as part of my training, and if memory serves, it’s just under two miles to the peak.  From the way Xavi and the other boys tell the story, it was nothing but laughter, fun and frolicking.

The sitter tells a slightly revised version involving, brides, tears, threats and pleas to any passing deities.
The "Giant's Sword"!

The key take away, from Xavi, “Dad, I touched the giant's sword at the top!”

Achievement unlocked.


  1. “Dad, I touched the giant's sword at the top!” is what every loving parent, especially one's that play D&D, want to hear!
    Riyun lives on. But, I'm sure Gustav would have something to say about him...

    1. That's exactly what I was thinking. Gustav needs to be punched in the nose. Again! ;)