Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Five Star Review for HELL BECOMES HER

And she loves steampunk too!
Seregon O’Dassey is one of those people you can’t make up.  I “met” her after she reviewed TEARS OF HEAVEN and her insight was very enlightening.  I’m not certain if you can overestimate O’Dassey, but you underestimate her at your own peril.  Actress, model and writer, she reads voraciously, thinks deeply, and I was honored that she read, and reviewed my work.

Of course, I offered her first shot at HELL BECOMES HER, and I wasn’t disappointed (thankfully, neither was she):

I got the first one - Tears of Heaven - for a Christmas present last year. They go in order. Usually a sequel isn't as good as the first one. Once in a while the sequel is better. This one fits into that category of being better.

I love Del. She's tough, cocky, independent, and doesn't put up with anyone's b.s. She's certainly not one of those dumb submissive pushovers that seem to be littering indie published books these days. She has, however, "calmed down" quite a bit since having adopted a kid (even if it wasn't 100% voluntary). She still has to take orders from on High, but when Jordan is kidnapped, Del and her partner Marrin have to deal with light and dark elves and Hell to get her back. Marrin, who's as easy going as ever, even if he still is a darn good fighter. Then there's Jane. I hate her. She's stupid, useless and as far as I'm concerned-a homewrecker. Here's Del's, Jordan and Marrin with their happy little family life, and in comes Jane who likes to sleep with Marrin, be depressed about not being able to have his kids b/c he's a Nephilim.

I mentioned that O’Dassey doesn’t pull punches right?  If something was sorely wrong with the plot or with a character (like Jane), I get called out for it.  Speaking of which, I especially love O’Dassey’s view of Jane.  In my mind she’s an interesting character, but her story really hasn’t been told yet.  So Jane is only cool in my head.  I may have made the mistake of overlooking her with all the doings in HELL BECOMES HER.  Sometimes the necessity of the story means that things gets dropped.

Hopefully, I can make up for that in the future!

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