Monday, November 23, 2015

Author Signing Excitement

Needs more Scotch!
There are many trappings of the Writing Life that can make an author smile.  Getting that first email of actual interest.  Signing the contract with your publisher.  Seeing the draft for the cover art.

I’ve done all these, and they still make my heart go pitter-pat.  Maybe someday, they’ll be more rote and can be taken for granted, but currently they’re still fresh and fun and exciting.

Author signings are also thing.  A thing that I haven’t done before.  A good friend of mine, Ashley, hit me up when I was gushing about the release of Hell Becomes Her and said, “You should come do an author signing at our comic book store.”

Oh.  Ok!

It makes me feel all grown up and stuff.  Like this whole writing for the past twenty-plus years wasn’t a quirky hobby that I did in my spare time.  It IS a quirky hobby that I do in my spare time, but the signing gives a bit of legitimacy that I can sell to my wife.  All that “research” I’ve been doing (aka reading books) and hours spent at my computer (definitely NOT playing Hearts or Facebooking) have actually paid off.

So, if you’re in the Southern California area, or if you’re going to be in the Southern California area, or if you just need an excuse to fly out, here are the details!

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