Friday, October 2, 2015

HOLES: An Indie Author Anthology

Yes.  Exactly like the movie.
Anthologies are fun.  Likely, they’re more fun for the authors than they are for the readers.  Readers only get to read the various gems that are to be found in every anthology.  Most anthologies are only bought for a couple of authors anyhow.

For the authors, it’s one of those rare times when a lot of like-minded folk, slaving and trudging away on the writing treadmill, can get together and show their battle scars (paper cuts) and laugh and sing and get drunk then finally get to that “crying-and-weeping-I-love-you-guys” stage before passing out and waking up with a lot of regret and more hangover.


Thus was born the Holes: An Indie Author Anthology.  The authors themselves tell it best:

Starting with the theme of holes of any kind, an international group of indie authors put their writing minds to work to come up a collection of stories that will make you laugh, cry, shudder in fear, and want to clap your hands. Inside you'll find stories about:

A twisted story about innocence and revenge.
A young woman racing for her life and her love against the age of clockworks.
A man who lost his life in a traffic accident and discovers the afterlife is being stuck in a classroom.
A young African schoolteacher who tackles a band of ruthless, marauding terrorists.
A Russian mobster who made a deal and thought he'd found a loophole to get out of it.
A cautionary tale about being careful what you wish just may get it.
A place where life disappears to when you're not watching.
A question about whether we are really the dominant species and masters of our own future.
A reader-interactive comedy of errors.
An anomalous client who will accept nothing but the best work, anything less will cost Paul his soul.
An Inspector Winsford murder mystery.
A legacy gift that just goes on giving.
Slapstick comedy with a touch of British buffoonery
A pretty tease who toys with her theology professor until dark revelations stop her in her tracks.
Some steampunk is steamier than others.

Some stories are full of sorrow, others full of joy, but all of them will leave you wanting more.

“Holes Full of Dark” was my particular submission and the bolded tagline above is mine.  It was originally called "Dark Holes Between" but that didn't make as much sense to me. This particular short story came out very well.  In general, I’m not a short story writer, and a lot of people suggested that this might be the start of another book.  Another steampunk book.  That’s entirely possible.  I’m working heavily in steampunk right now, slaving away over gears, and gadgets and large bags of gas [insert your joke here].

Anything is possible.  In the meantime, why don’t you check this anthology out?  The price is perfect for a weekend read!


  1. "large bags of gas" - that's plural, so... Chuck and who else? Is Hawk there too?

  2. "large bags of gas" - that's plural, so... Chuck and who else? Is Hawk there too?

    1. Well, you're here, and I'm here. Soo . . .