Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Git 'er Done!

The name of your target is—
Doctor. Jamie. McCandless!
Twelve years of grade school.
Four years of undergraduate school.
Six years of graduate school.

Roll all that up together and you’ll understand the feeling you have when your “little” brother becomes the first doctorate in the family.

Jamie has always been smarter than me (no real trick there), and that was never clearer than when he mapped out a path to his doctoral degree and proceeded to follow it to the very end.  Me?  I walked into college with no idea what a degree was or why I needed it.  I just knew I was supposed to have one.  Here’s the actual conversation with the student aid counselor as I was signing up for classes my freshman year:

“What’s your degree path?”
“Ummm . . . Communications?  That’s a path, right?”
[typing on the computer]
“Sure.  Which specific Comm degree?”
“Ummm, is Speech a thing?”
[more typing]
“You’re signed up.  NEXT!”

No exaggeration there at all.  Which goes to show just how far ahead of the game my brother is.



  1. Replies
    1. History. If you want more specifics, I'm afraid I'll have to say UR FACE, because I can't quite remember what esoteric corner of history he has specialized in.