Monday, August 3, 2015

Dates for Hell Becomes Her

Han Solo hasn't read it either!
It’s a special time in a writer’s life when, after all the ranting, raving, blood, sweat, and tears, after the beta team and the editor and the editor and the editor, you finally, finally get dates.

Dates are a very good thing.  They’re a thing of beauty in an otherwise cold, cruel and icy world.

So here’s the two dates that we’ve all been waiting for:

Cover Release—August 22nd
Book Release—September 22nd

I’ll be looking for reviewers, folk willing to read the book ahead of time and provide a review on one of the major ebook seller sites.  I’ll have a list going up shortly, so keep an eye out for that.  Of course, you can always reach out to me and I’ll put you on the list!

And just because these things almost never get read by anyone other than those mentioned in them, here is my acknowledgements for Hell Becomes Her, enjoy:

The writing vacuum continues to elude me and I’m thrilled to take this opportunity to express my humblest gratitude to those who have supported, aided and abetted in the successful completion of this book. In short, it’s mostly their fault. First, to the fine folk of Malta, who inspired me to write, especially Audrey Shandler and her friends and family who put up with me. Jan Christensen who kindly provided the Danish translations (any errors are my own). My brother, Jamie, who once again answered my questions on Latin and historical events. Michael Lazarus and Chuck Brewer, even after what happened in Detroit. The FAOBM Beta team, who provide the best on-color and off-color commentary—I owe you guys money, Scotch, and many laughs. Finally, to my editor and writing mentor, without whom I’d still be using sticks and dirt to tell stories.

If you’re feeling anxious and want to buy something now, don’t let me stop you!

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