Friday, August 28, 2015

Cosplay, Cupcakes and Kids

Not cupcakes—frosting delivery systems!
Recently, I was asked if I wore a costume or did any cosplay.  I said I didn’t, and offered that I have kids as the (biggest) reason.  Immediately, my logic was challenged:

Having kids precluded you from wearing a costume or cosplay?

With a heavy sigh, I offered the following and though you might enjoy it:

Yes, I have kids, which means that the majority of my free money goes to them (after all the necessities are met).  You see, I’ve never been one to half-ass, or even three-quarter-ass a project.  If I was to dress up as anything, it would need to be in my size, and reasonably comfortable.  In my old(er) age, I no longer punish myself to be beautiful.  If it doesn’t fit like an old t-shirt and basketball shorts, you can count me out.  So we’re talking a quality costume that also fits well.  Cosplayers can probably tell you those requirements cost money, of which, as previously mentioned, I have very little after my kids.  Since I don’t plan to sell any of them any time soon (though I do threaten it once or twice a day), I’m afraid my days of dressing up are both behind me and ahead of me—just not currently with me.

If you'd like a longer, deeper justification for my lack of dressing up, above and beyond the previous, I can talk about my lack of time due to commitments of work, children (again), wife (so pretty), volunteer speech/debate coaching and general breathing.

Sometimes the last gets lost in the shuffle, but hey, that's what the Scotch is for!

I totally love my boys, no matter what they cost me in time, money, effort, less vibrant night life, etc.  Don’t get me wrong—anything I’ve given up for my boys, I certainly miss.  I miss a great deal.  But I would miss my boys more.

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