Thursday, July 30, 2015

Molly Dean: The Star Catcher

Thank you for hosting me at the ARe Café. I am honored and excited at the opportunity to share my book The Star Catcher.

I grew up for the most part in my grandmother’s house on a tree-shaded street in an older part of Atlanta. Reading and telling stories were important parts of my life. My grandfather loved to tell me evening tales, many about bears–and my mother, an English teacher, inspired me with her love of reading. Soon I felt compelled to create my own tales!

The Star Catcher is my second novel. This is about a handicapped boy, Hawke Reed, who travels via dreams to another world and accomplishes heroic quests. Along the way he encounters a wizard, a fire-wielding servant girl, and a savvy one-eyed crow. He also falls in love with a mermaid. The setting, a mysterious, mist-covered country with rocky coasts, is inspired by some of my early travels to Cornwall, England.

How do the events taking place in ‘the other world’ impact Hawke’s struggle to regain his ability to walk after a devastating car accident? Might these happenings have more of a connection to Hawke’s real existence than he knows?

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