Monday, August 10, 2015

Help Micheal and the Lazarex Foundation!

Running can teach you about yourself.
Turns out Micheal is really Batman!
Please meet Micheal Huston, a friend who has been battling cancer over the last decade.  Like so many, he’s a helluva person and he's trying to make a difference.  Here's his story and please:

Nine years ago I was diagnosed with Astrocytomas Grade III Brain Cancer. I was written off by my doctors and set out to find my own treatment, or cure if you will. I spent over a month researching different therapies and clinical trials and I even went so far as to look into gene therapy studies which were fairly new at the time. It was a painstaking process and it took a lot of time and energy that I really should have been putting towards actually being in some sort of treatment.

That’s when I found the Lazarex Cancer Foundation.

This charity has one simple goal: they want to put themselves out of business by getting everyone involved in the medical treatment of cancer patients.  Until that time comes, they are 100% focused on helping cancer patient get what they need—treatment. Whether it's a ride to and from a doctor or researching a clinical trial for someone who, like me, was written off and needs calls made to try and get them an introductory doctor’s appointment for a clinical trial, Lazarex Cancer Foundation helps.

On Sept 4th and 5th I am running the Disneyland 10k and Half Marathon (also known as the Dumbo Double Dare) on behalf of the Lazarex Cancer Foundation.  My Goal is to raise 500.00 for this organization before Sept 3rd. I would make it A LOT higher (they ARE worth it) but I came into this fundraiser way too late. This is my little way of paying them back for the help they have recently given to me.

Even if it's just $10 dollars, please click this link and help this very worthy organization!

So there you have it.  A worthwhile charity, a touching story, and a great guy to help focus and make a difference for others.  Please take a minute, click this link, and for the price of your coffee and a baked good, give a little today.

Thank you!

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