Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nanny Hunting

Originally, we thought we had a nanny all lined up.  

But it didn’t work out.  

We’re off and running on a mad search for a nanny.  It’s a unique experience, because this is a full-time position where the focus is on my three boys.  Their care and development is of the utmost importance, and so if I can’t be there, I want my surrogate to be the next best thing (or better).

Plays games, all sorts!


  1. A good nanny is worth her weight in whatever you pay her with (bitcoins?) We had a live in nanny for three years, and I recommend it to every parent of young kids. The key is making her ((or him to avoid being sexist) part of the family. Good luck!!

    1. Absolutely, Edwin! We started with my wife's niece, so she was already technically part of the family. But we saw immediately it was necessary to really make her comfortable with where she was living, who she was living with, and work out any problems along the way. This is, after all, someone who is signing on to help raise my children. She or he will have a huge impact on them.