Friday, May 10, 2013

More Training

I don't so much run, as beat the ground into submission.

Last weekend, I ran the 5K portion of the Tin Man Triathlon (since they give me the option, I opt out of the swim and the bike), and ended up posting a less-than-stellar time: 24:51.  In previous years, I've been pushing a baby stroller (with various weights of children) and still managing a decent 25 minute time.

You know what that means?  I need to do more training.

I'm hard at it these past two weeks, and looking forward to my next race, City of Fontana's Run Like the Wind.  Even without extra effort, I should still manage a 2-minute better time (it's a straight course, slightly downhill the entire way).  But, I'd really like for that time to be more like 3-4 minutes better.

Here's running!

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