Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Riverside Dickens Festival & You & Me

Not to scale!

As I vaguely vagued to y’all about ten days ago, I’m doing a thing. I signed the contract yesterday to have a vendor booth at the Riverside Dickens Fest—25 Years of Wit and Wisdom. (Please Note: No actual wit or wisdom was harmed in the making of this festival.) Here are the details:

Where: Downtown Riverside

When: Saturday, February 22nd & Sunday, February 23rd

What: Selling and Signing books, talking about books, and reading books

As an added incentive, if you need one, I’ll be giving away mini pendant pocket watches with each purchase. Emphasis on both the mini and the pendant. While they actually do open and tell time, I am not responsible for any alternative universes they might open, or changes in the historical timeline that you are otherwise familiar with.

There will be a ton of other stuff that you can do at the Dickens Festival, including other vendors of various stuff, music, exhibitions of strength, a Victorian tea party, escape rooms, and probably Baby Yoda will show up to entertain the masses.

Ok, ok. Maybe not the ACTUAL Baby Yoda, but certain "a" Baby Yoda will be in appearance in some form.

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