Monday, January 6, 2020

Five Bucks!

Carefully numbered for your convenience!

Welcome to 2020, where all the technological advances Hollywood ever promised have finally been delivered.

You want a flying car?  We’ve got your flying car right here!

You want a wearable computer/phone that helps monitor your health? Tech on your wrist is ready to go!

You want to take a trip into space. Book your flights now!

In celebration of the Roaring 2020s, I’m cleaning out my stock of books to make room for more. Ok, ok. I’m not making room for more, I’m just trying to get what I have up off the floor and onto a shelf before my wife “cleans up”.

My loss is your gain!

On a first-come first-served basis, you can get one or two of my previous cover books for the low price of shipping alone! Five dollars gets you TEARS OF HEAVEN or HELL BECOMES HER or BOTH, signed with anything you want.

Shoot me an email here, let me know which covers you want (they've been numbered, but a description will work as well) and they'll be on their way!

My stocks are limited, and these are the last of their kind covers, so if you’ve been itching for a print version of the books, now is the time! Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with the awesome new covers that we released a few months ago!

Let me know which one, some of all of the covers you want, 
and we’ll make it happen!

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