Monday, January 27, 2020


I'm sure he died of natural causes!

Helluva weekend, folks!

The big news today is that THE CLOCKWORK DETECTIVE was shortlisted by Chanticleer International Book Awards for the OZMA, “. . . emerging talent and outstanding works in the genre of Fantasy Fiction.” You may recall that previously, the novel survived the slush pile to move into the long list. 

I actually held my breath when I started scrolling through.

The next stage is semi-finals, so fingers crossed for that.

In the meantime, I’ve submitted my Aubrey Hartmann novella BENEATH A FEARFUL MOON to my publisher. Here’s a small taste from the opening:

Pulled from the mill pond, the corpse was bloated, swollen into a horrible caricature with a bluish-gray pallor. Aubrey knelt to examine the man, torn between revulsion of his current state and fascination for how he died. Only scraps of cloth remained on his body at the wrists, ankles and neck as reminders of the clothes he’d worn. Long, deep gashes covered him in a rough zig-zag pattern from the top of his head down to his toes. They looked like knife or sword wounds in tight groups of three. She wasn’t going to touch him, but the slashes reminded Aubrey of a bear mauling, except without bite marks, and no part of him had been chewed and eaten. The mutilation made her think it was a deliberate.

No release date on this yet, but definitely this year, and hopefully quite soon!

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