Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Review - Louann Carroll

Rockin' the Constabulary!

What a lovely surprise, and the words are so kind.  Thank you so much Louann Carroll for reviewing THE CLOCKWORK DETECTIVE:

You have to love the jacket, right? The book is as good as the cover and is as intricately designed. Imagine worlds where clockwork runs society without missing a beat. I can only imagine the plotlines where the author thought up the gadgets and gizmos that run his amazing world.

The Clockwork Detective
Strong and courageous, Detective Aubrey Hartmann rocks the constabulary with her dedication, intelligence, and determination. She carries a boatload of medals, thinks like a genius, and solves the impossible crimes. Her missing leg, attained in the Imperial battlefield is made of clockwork, and other than a few twinges our detective sets the world of crime on its ear with her, and I quote, 'fearsome reputation'. I will add well deserved too.

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