Thursday, May 2, 2019

Help an Indie Author

I'm doing my part!

There's only FIVE MORE DAYS until release day!  What can you do today to help an indie author out?

“A wonderful, fully realized, utterly plausible steampunk world!”
— James P. Blaylock

The May Giveaway newsletter signup (100% NO SPAM GUARANTEE). You can win an ebook versions of this and three other books, and a $20 Amazon gift card!

You can join NetGalley and get an Advanced Reader Copy so you can leave an early review:

R.A. McCandless has succeeded in creating a new world with believable characters in an intriguing mystery with the potential to become classic.
— Keri B. Media

You can also leave a review on GoodReads, and, on May 7th, on Amazon, and on Barnes & Noble.

From the first page it's clear that world-building is McCandless's superpower. Between the Haenlein, the developing city of Aqualinne, and the backwoods town of Sankt Andra, I felt immersed in a surreal fantasy world where old meets new.
—Jodi Perkins

Then, you can tell others.  Tweet, share, like, gift. There are so many ways to help an indie author succeed, and keep them generating the kind of stories that you enjoy reading.

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