Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Company of the Damned Cover is Finished!

My ax-sword should convince you!

Eleven out of Ten Stars! Professional, Fast, and Easy to Work with.

I’ve worked with a number of cover artists over the past couple of years—some were good, some were mediocre, one or two were horrible. Julie Nicholls of JMN ART is one of the best. I had been looking for a competent fantasy cover artist for COMPANY OF THE DAMNED when someone shared one of their covers by Julie, and when I did my research, I was impressed. She captured the tone and feel so well, and her covers were very professional. I had to wait almost a year, but it was worth it. We had a number of conversations over that time period, and I watched with eager jealousy as others received their covers. When it was finally my turn, Julie was laser-focused on me, my needs, and making certain I was happy with ever aspect. In mere hours, she turned around a draft for approval, and in days I had a beautiful cover that actively conveys the story I’m trying to tell.

I’m eager to work with Julie again, and can’t wait to share my new cover with readers!

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