Friday, September 21, 2018

The illegitimate, unworthy Kavanaugh: Edwin Lyngar

That's what I do—I drink, and I know things.

Edwin Lyngar, long time friend, writer, editor and pontificator of all that is good and rational, has a new article up.  This one is near and dear to my heart.  Here’s a short excerpt:

The current Supreme Court nomination fight has morphed into a combination of Judge Judy and Jersey Shore. We should have seen it coming, because everything touched by Donald Trump turns into a trashy reality show, and, like all Trump’s greatest hits, women always suffer the most.

The context for this fight is Americas firm rejection of radical conservative ideology — it’s grossly unpopular. Almost 80 percent of Americans support campaign finance reform that was torpedoed by the out-of-touch Supreme Court. Americans are sick of the war on drugs, wholesale ownership of the political process by the rich, mass incarceration and the attack on women — all things that a Justice Brett Kavanaugh would make much worse. Even a majority of Republicans support Roe v. Wade. Republicans won’t like it when their daughters can’t get health care, although the corrupt political class will still be able to shuttle their mistresses to blue states for abortions as needed.

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