Thursday, September 27, 2018

Not Just Any Library: My Library

Is it secret?  Is it safe!?

Years ago, I read an Anthony Monday book by John Bellairs—I think it was The Treasure of Alpheus Winterborn (excellent book, by the way). Bellairs had a line about Monday’s uncle who had an honest to goodness library, not just a room where someone put up a bookshelf.

That line may have cursed me.

When I learned that people could have their own library, I wanted one.

In our current house, we have a room designated as “the library”.  It is not an Anthony Monday-level library, but I have plans. 

I'm slowly taking my library back.

For years, it housed the majority of our boys’ Legos and Beyblades and other whatnots that I could step and curse in eighteen languages.

Needs more books.
This was always a stop-gap while the boys got older. It has some mediocre IKEA book shelves that mostly have books on them. We mostly kept their toys on the shelves that they could reach and some (a very few) of my books on the shelves that they couldn't reach. A few months ago, I had them go through all their toys and donate those they didn't play with. They were impressively brutal about it, and we ended up with three full trash boxes of toys and a trashbag of stuffed animals.

I recovered 1/3 of my shelving space, and quickly claimed them with books.

In the years to come, I will install two bookshelves that double as hidden doors—one to the bedroom and one to the bathroom. A faux river stone fireplace complete with outlets for a moderately sized flatscreen will appear. A magically hidden sound system—speakers built to look like books on the shelves—will be installed.  The remainder of my books will come out of storage and finally, finally, I’ll invest in overstuffed leather armchairs and ottomans.


How will you take over the world? Or maybe just how would you build your dream library?  Answer in the comments!


    Proofread, for crying out loud!!!

    Also, libraries are for SHARING books, not STORING them. I'd think a commie like you would know that!!