Friday, September 28, 2018

Lookie, Lookie: A New Review for Tears of Heaven

They're right, you know!

Hey, I received a new review! Thank you to Jake Pelley of Dystopian Shuffle!  

I especially like the last line of his opening [emphasis added]:

This book covers two eras of human history from the modern times to the roman. Both are important to the main story.  Most of this book takes place in modern day Salt Lake City, Utah. When in modern time R.A. McCandless does a great job of making it feel like the times we live in. Then when it is in Roman times it feels accurate to the era. In the book Game of Thrones it goes over a lot of characters stories. After a while there are characters you love to read and others you power through to get back to your favorites. During the beginning in Tears of Heavens I enjoyed the Roman times over the main adventure in the modern time. Every jump back to the past was enjoyable and fun, but over time that changes. I have to hand it to the author on that transition it was well done.

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