Monday, February 6, 2017

Sick of Being Sick

The most comfortable ever.
Pneumonia isn’t fun.

That’s pretty much all I can come up with.

I’ve been living my life in four hour increments, because that’s when I have to, or get to, take the various medications I’ve been prescribed.  I’m pretty certain this is as sick as I’ve ever been.  I did that year with Crohn’s before they realized it was Crohn’s and had to have surgery, but at least with that I didn’t have chest pains, and congestion and morning coughing jags that lasted fifteen to twenty minutes.

I don't know if honey is a miracle cure, but everyone has counseled honey, including my doctors.  I was already using it ease my cough and sore throat, but it was fascinating to have doctors and nurses suggesting it.

I’m pretty tired.  I’m also tired of being tired.


  1. So sorry you're sick. Wishing you better health soon. And, yes, honey does help. I take it with lemon or lime.