Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Bigger and Bigger and Bigger

Bouquet may be larger than appears.
My regular work shoes have been showing signs of wear for a few months now.  In my old, single life, I would have replaced them long ago.  In this new world, where children want and need things—like food and clothes—I’m willing to put up with some additional abuse.  But, I’d saved up and was all set to go to my favorite shoe store.

Then my wife let me know she was having bad day (month, year—take your pick).  Instead of buying my shoes, I decided to surprise her with flowers.

That did the trick.  I even wrote on the card that I was sending the flowers instead of buying myself shoes because it’s more important to me that she’s happy.

She knows how much I like my footwear.  She also would, despite how much it makes her day, prefer I not buy flowers.  Hence, the following conversation:

“I hope you were buying yourself cheap shoes,” my wife said.

“Have you . . . have you even met me?”

Yeah, I don't buy cheap shoes, and I don't send my wife cheap flowers.

You shouldn't either.

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