Monday, February 27, 2017

Magical Monday

Strong women? Big guns?  Yes please!
Some exciting things are afoot in the world of R.A. McCandless and his writing.  Here’s a quick rundown (with plenty of exclamation points).  For obvious reasons, some information will be spottier than others, but in the coming weeks and months, that should all start to become clear(ish):

Edits are in for Tears of Heaven—Mostly minor stuff, a little tightening of the language here and there.  Your “original” edition the books should be considered collector’s items . . . in whatever alternate universe where I’m rich, handsome and incredibly successful, but you'll definitely want to see if you can find the "changes" in this new edition!

Editing is on for Hell Becomes HerWith Tears of Heaven’s edits complete, my editor is moving on to the second book.  Same caveats of rich, handsome and successful apply in the same alternate universe.  Same challenge offers for the "changes" to be found!

New Covers—My publisher and I agreed on a cover artist who will supply new cover art for Tears of Heaven and Hell Becomes Her.  This will only add to the collector’s value of your originals!

New Story Now Available—This will be covered in a separate blog post, but the steampunk short story “Grenadiers and Dragon’s Fire” for the Gears, Gadgets& Steam (Tinkered Tales Book 1) anthology will be released in paperback version soon so it can sit proudly on your shelf!  This is a very early appearance of Constable Aubrey Hartmann, before she was a constable as featured in the short story “Into a Watery Grave” in In Shambles (A Scarlett Nightmare Book 2) which is already available in ebook and lovely paperback!

Even Newer Story Available Soon—A short story discussed way back in 2014, “He Who Tells the Tale” should be releasing in the coming months.  One of the many fantasy adventures of Wei Shen Shou Wan Por, Master Guide, Scout Unparalleled, Finder of Items Lost or Desired, Cicerone of Wonders and Curiosities will be revealed for all in The Dormancy of Harren.

Even Newer New Del Book—When is the new Del book coming?  Soon-ish.  Soon-esque.  Soon-adjacent even.  The plot is all mapped out.  The trick is to get it from the brain onto the page.  The working title is Company of the Damned and most assuredly Del will ride, shoot and sarcasm again!

Stay-tuned for more details.  As always, you’re welcome to post up comments or questions here, like my Facebook Author Page and post there, or send me letters stuffed with cash.  Whatever you prefer!

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