Wednesday, August 24, 2016

THE HOAG: Lost In Moments Collected Beyond Yesterday by vON kRAEMER

I happen to actually know this author and have traded shots and shots with him.  He's no one to be trifled with, but he has some excellent writing to share and you should definitely give it a look!

Open the book and jump into our far future, where the last of humanity discovers there is indeed a purpose in life...

...a purpose not our own.


“Server, DestroyerActions. That thing is obliterating the Grand Stairway.”

It is permitted, Young Sr. Restoration will occur after Hoag has passed. Hoag may traverse any space.


Visitation Treaty.

“So the Alien has the right to destroy our ancient monument - but I can’t walk on the grass next to the stairs?”

No. Shall I review Alien access authorization?

“No, Server. I want to know why that Alien enjoys more freedom than HomeWorld Originals. Why Destruction is permitted.”

That would entail a lesson on Hoag, Young Sr. Perhaps later, after your date?

“I’m clear. Previous request please. I’m ready now, Server. New MindFile. Download and integrate basics, summary first please.”

Soo allowed his neural activity to shift subconscious.

He opened; he dreamed; words and pictures merged and resolved. 

Yes, Young Sr. Integrating basics. Please standby for voice and visuals.
TrueFacts. Downloading Hoag Summary*  
Revolving picture*

1.) Motive Youth.  N1.
·        Basics. Hoag are Humanity’s first sentient Alien contact.
·        Hoag were contacted via SMOSA during expedition 7142, Year 652 BPA, cross noted at 4761 AD HomeWorld calendar. 
·        Hoag are a multi-evolutionary diverse Alien species whose many inhabited planets are located primarily inside the Hoag Galaxy, including 993 known FocusPlatforms located intra-filament beyond the Hoag Home Galaxy
·        The Hoag Galaxy lies within the constellation Serpens, approximately 600 million light years away from the Milky Way Galaxy.

·        Hoag are an ancient race. Current theory suggests that Hoag civilization may date back 11.85 billion years.

Author’s Bio


Speculative fiction has always been a part of the author’s life. Son of design engineer and futurist, Mitchell Bobrick, a science fiction book was more-often in the author’s hands than not. Hard Sci-Fi authors like, Niven, Benford, Baxter, Haldeman, and Clarke forged Von’s High Science interest most often used in his literature. Horror also plays a key role, as most of his works are elementary future dysfunction. When not behind the computer keyboard the author spent the greater part of his life working behind camera for Hollywood. The author owns and operates RAD sets and effects, and currently runs Galactic Pig Productions - a small Sci-Fi production company. He also owns Go Robotics FX, a company dedicated to invention and 3-D printing. He can be found on occasion about LA playing the bass guitar and pounding a few brews. He looks forward to unleashing the rest of what has patiently sat in his data vaults - upon the general public, for better or worse. Write the author:, and he will get back to you, and likely invite you for a beer. The author lives in North Hollywood.

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