Thursday, May 12, 2016

Xavi's Book is Done

I've cat cat class and I've got cat style.
Done and done!

The proofs for Xavi’s book arrived last night and they were perfect.  As soon as I read the label on the package, I knew what was in the box.  I had to shoo the boys away.  They always assume A) the package is for them, b) the package contains a game, and c) “What’s in the package?  Is it a game?  Is it for us?” 

We’re keeping the book a surprise for Xavi’s birthday later this month.  We do not expect adulation from him, so we’ve also picked up “real” gifts.

Some caveats: I didn’t build this book for any kind of profit.  I simply wanted to capture a delightful story that Xavi had told.  I searched high and low for a printer who wouldn’t charge me boatloads of money just to get a copy into my hands.  I also wanted to be able to buy and send copies to friends and family.  After a reasonably exhaustive and exhausting search, it turned out that CreateSpace was the best option.

With all that said, if you’re interested in a delightful children’s book, told by a child, here’s the information:

CreateSpace eStore: Immediately 3-5 Business Days (by May 19th)
Amazon Europe: 3-5 Business Days (by May 19th)

More links will follow.

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