Friday, May 6, 2016

Thanks Eric Lahti!

Yes, my son IS that cute.
A big, huge, GINORMOUS shout out to my friend and fellow urban fantasy author Eric Lahti.

If you haven’t picked up one of Lahti’s Henchmen books, you should.  They’re phenomenal.  The third one is coming soon (sometimes even sooner).

But this isn’t just me pimping my friend’s books (although it’s that too), but also his skills and talent away from just writing.  In trying to capture and publish Xavier and Bear on Crabby Pond, Eric, stepped up to help.  This was always a labor of love, and I’ve never intended this to be more than a family and friends book.

It’s still that.

But as with any decent enterprise, the effort grew over time.

I commissioned a wonderful artist to help me capture the fantastical scenes from my son’s story.  Once that was complete . . . I was at a loss.  There are plenty of self-publish presses out there who will print your novel in almost any format, size and shape you want.  But precious few who will do the same for a children’s book of 14 pages.

I’d shied away from CreateSpace in the hopes that I could get a hardback version of the book that would sit on our shelves for all time.  Alas, that dream was never meant to be.  In the end, CreateSpace allowed me the most convenient means by which I could generate the book, and share it with friends and family.

Like you.

Eric was kind and patient enough to assist with the layout process.  He had experience working on his own books, as well as the anthology that I was invited to (Holes: An Indie Author Anthology).  Over the past two weeks or so, he’s made the minor changes that my sub-par layout and design skills flubbed. 

Now, the cover and interior files have been submitted.  The initial review has been accepted and the hardcopy proof is on its way!

Thanks Eric.  A million times thanks.  This couldn’t have happened without you.


  1. Thanks, bud. I'm sorry, I didn't even see this post pop up. Google is hiding things from me.