Friday, September 4, 2015

Xavi and (Imaginary) Crab Pond

Happy Friday.  It’s time to get your “aww” on with my youngest son, Xavi and his (imaginary) Crab Pond (as told through pictures and commentary).

Xavi stands by Crab Pond eating an apple. He is apprehensive because the crabs pinch which is why he's wearing his sandals in doors. Please note the fallen bear in the background!  This is important to the story.

Oh no!  Bear!  He's been pinched by the (imaginary) crabs from Crab Pond.  Xavi helps Bear and puts a (imaginary) Band-aid on Bear’s nose.

Xavi and Bear still want to enjoy the luxurious waves of Crab Pond, but how?  Xavi knows.  He builds a “giant” Lego boat.  Bear boards, but is, understandably, skeptical.

The "giant" Lego boat is a success.  Xavi and Bear can now float around Crab Pond, much to the chagrin of all the pinching crabs!

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