Monday, February 8, 2016

Travis Ludvigson Five Star Review

By all means, mess with Del!
It’s always a little odd to see me referred to, as I refer to authors, by last name.  It’s like reading about someone else, especially when the reviews are so positive.  It makes me feel like a really real author with the talent and the skill and everything!

Once again, McCandless succeeds in creating an engaging story full of interesting characters immersed in a fast moving plot.

In "Hell Becomes Her," we dive back into the life of Del, the deadly Nephilim, and bear witness to her newest dilemma. There is no lack of action (one fight in particular between Del and another powerful warrior had my adrenaline pumping and drove me to read with greater speed to see what was going to happen). But it is much more than that. Del's character grows tremendously through the course of the story, showing a great amount of depth and connecting to the reader. Both old and new characters are very well thought out and believable, eliciting a number of different emotional responses as the story progressed.

Without posting any spoilers, I have to say that the use of mythological elements in this book is fantastic and worked very well.

I am also a big fan of the many movie references being interjected by Del's fellow Nephilim which had me smiling and laughing throughout the story.

McCandless expertly blended humor, action and drama into an exciting story that I had difficulty putting down. I highly recommend you buy a copy and read this book for yourself, you will be glad that you did.

Thanks Travis!  This really made my Monday.

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  1. Nice Review! Travis Ludvigson is a good writer himself!