Thursday, February 25, 2016

Review - My Child the Doberman

What you may not know about “My Child, the Doberman” by Michael Sherwin and Nykol Dedreu is that it started life as Facebook updates as imagined by the authors in the voice of Baron, their adopted Doberman. I had the good fortune to follow Baron’s posts, which were mostly funny, but at times poignant and enlightened.

“My Child, the Doberman” is laid out as a series of conversations between Baron and either one of his human parents, Michael or Nykol. Along with the conversations come various photos of Baron. The book is at once humorous, pointed, and as with all things in life, a little sad.

If I had any criticism for the book, it’s that I wanted more information about the little family group. The book takes place over the span of a couple of years, but because the conversations are so tight (and well crafted) the time frame can seem skewed. Readers might have wanted to learn more about the Baron and his human parents, or had more narrative that focused on the various events as they occurred, giving background and outcomes.

As criticism goes, though, it’s more of a wish rather than a failing. The book is a tightly-wrapped package that delivers Baron at his finest. Readers should cuddle up with Baron, but also keep a box of tissue handy. It's a short, sweet and perfect ride of a book. Well done, Sherwin, Dedreu and most of all Baron.

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