Thursday, February 18, 2016

Books? Don't You Mean Crack?

Golden Books sure have changed!
A book came in the mail yesterday, and my youngest son, Xavi, grabbed the package.  My boys love to see packages opened, because no matter how boring the stuff is inside, there’s still the potential that it’s awesome.

Until it’s opened.

“Awww,” is the usual disappointed response.

Not yesterday.

“A book!” Xavi cried.  “For me!  I LOVE it!”

It was a book.  It was not for him.  He still loved it.

He ran off with the title clutched in his dirty little hands.  Being sick, I could barely work up the energy to chase him down.  Also, as a parent, seeing his child eager to possess a new book, regardless of the title or the content, I was pretty proud.

I’ve done little to nothing to deserve a three year old’s devotion to books—yet there it is!

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