Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thanks, But Hard Pass

Your use of capslock has given us all something
to think about.
I appreciate the effort you're going through here.  I really do.

The sarcastic responses.  The use of fallacious arguments.  The ad hominem attacks.

It’s a lot of work for you to keep that up, time and time again.  Your Google-fu is pretty strong as well, from the numerous, though irrelevant, citations you keep providing.  The heavily-slanted (filled with lead weights) opinion pieces are my personal favorite.  Arguing from rage, yours or your pet editorials, almost always ends with everyone shaking hands and exchanging numbers for a weekend barbecue.

Opinions can always be changed when we use our CAPSLOCK!

But let's be clear—you're not persuading me, and you're not going to.

Rethinking my position, I see you have many valid points.
Your firm belief that anyone who is against your particular point of view must therefore be politically motivated is, I’m afraid, a flawed conclusion.  Why these two seem to go hand-in-hand, and why they result in what you clearly feel is an unassailable hand-waving argument, is disingenuous at best if not outright deceitful.  It’s an argument from the armchair, and not one of those comfortable Lay-Z-Boy recliners.  No.  I’m talking about the armchairs that envelop you in an ocean of cotton with Shiatsu massage on 97 chi pressure-points.

The kind of chair that makes you think you’re doing something both illegal and immoral.

Rather, do me the common courtesy of considering for just a moment that I've actually done the research, looked at the issues, read the scientific studies and arrived at a conclusion that has nothing to do with politics.  Yeah, it makes me sound like a big ol’ nerd—all that research and analysis before arriving at a conclusion.  But that’s just me.  That’s the way I was taught to do things, and the way that I’ve found yields the best results.  Gaming the system certainly has its fine points, and that’s great for you.

For me, I’d prefer you stop shouting in my face.  The spit, you understand, is gross.

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