Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dance with the One What Brung Ya!

Don't MESS with Shawn the Edi-Thor!
Although Hell Becomes Her released a few weeks ago, I haven’t been in Del’s world for about six months.  Instead, I’ve been in Aubrey’s steampunk world, researching archaic firearms, horse-drawn carriages, airship designs and telegraph wires.  I’ve loved working with Aubrey’s character, as she’s wholly different from Del.

Different circumstances should result in different personalities.

I worked so hard on Constable of Aqualinne that I actually finished the last chapter a week ago, and submitted it to my beta team.  They gave me the thumbs up yesterday, so the first draft is complete.  Knowing that I was that close, I turned to consult the great sage and wisdom, my editor Shawn.

Shawn likes to crush all my romantic notions of authorship with a single, simple blow from her hammer “Reality”.  She wields it with more skill than Thor hefting Mjolnir.  Essentially, Shawn smacked me upside the head and said, “That’s great kid, but you’ve set up a third Del book.  You need to write at least one more.”

Mind the cane, boys!
After I recovered from my coma, I realized that wasn’t as big a problem as it would seem.  I’ve actually been considering several new books that would take place in Del’s world.  There’s nothing set in stone, but here are the concepts that I’ve come up with:

Working Title “Purgatory’s Cage”—Del faces her toughest challenges yet, not the least of which is a romantic relationship!
Unnamed Jane Book—A spin-off with Jane, the first time a mortal will take front and center in the series as she attempts to save the man—well, Nephilim—she loves.
Unnamed Dami Book—This one is a fan request which I’ve been mulling over for a couple years.  Tears of Heaven didn’t tell the whole Del and Dami story.  Or at least didn’t get into some of their other adventures . . . and what adventures they are!

Constable of Aqualinne isn’t going anywhere.  It’s still on the schedule, and more Aubrey Hartmann stories keep coming at me.  Her world of airships and clockworks and magic is a fun amusement park for an author to visit.  I’m looking forward to going back there just as soon as I can.

In the meantime, the girl that brought me to the dance gets at least one more spotlight—sweet, sweet Del.

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