Friday, December 4, 2015

Little, and Broken, but Still Good

Yeah, he's a good one.  I can tell.
It’s been a bit shaky here in SoCal that last 48 hours.  Last night, my speech and debate team grilled me for a good hour about the shootings, gun violence, and terrorism before we moved on to the more mundane things like Russia throwing a tantrum about Montenegro.

You know, lighter fare.

So it was really nice to come in this morning and have a new, five-star review for Hell Becomes Her.  I totally agree with this review, except for the bit about the motion sickness.  Del doesn’t get sick, she’s afraid to fly.  It’s a Nephilim thing:

The sequel is actually better than book 1. You can read this without reading the first book in the series although for you to fully understand what Del actually is and has been through you should read book 1. In this one we find Del at the mercy of a new enemy that has kidnapped her daughter, frankly anybody dumb enough to kidnap her daughter is in for a world of hurt. The addition of Jane to the story worked for me as a companion for Marrin even if she is not immortal. Del frequently loses it in this book anger being her thing after all she has however become a calmer person since adopting Jordan. Finding out there are two races of Elves in the desert comes as a shock to her and the misdirection and lies by the leader of one almost does the group in. In the end Del figures it out but it is quite the battle to get to the truth. Of course our favorite angel to hate Ahadieil plays a much bigger role in the end of this one. The one real issue I have with this book is Del having motion sickness after reading her past and her time on a ship that just does not work for me.

Wow, good stuff!  It’s always fascinating to see the different takes on the stories and characters that I created.  Once they’re out there, there’s no arguing with the readers—and really, why would you want to?  We tell stories to entertain, not to be right.

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