Wednesday, December 16, 2015

In Which A Fan and Friend Totally Makes My Day

Happy Level—Doing the Carlton!
I’ve been anxious recently.  Not chew-the-fingernails-down-to-nubs freaked out, but certainly some edge-sitting distress.  Tears of Heaven always had the potential for a sequel, but it could easily have stood alone as a complete story.  I would have been very satisfied that it had seen the publishing light of day and told the tale of Del.

The fans started asking for more stories.

So I wrote another story.

Yes, of course.  As simple as that—plus or minus nine months of blood, sweat and tears.

I felt that Hell Becomes Her was a better product.  Through no fault of my own, but no little effort on the part of my editor, Shawn, I’m an older, wiser and better writer.  Yes, Shawn can control space and time.

But was it?  Was it really?  Would it resonate with the fans who had enjoyed and supported Del in Tears of Heaven?  Would they accept a “kinder, gentler” Del who would literally (yes, literally) shake the pillars of heaven in defense of her family?

Apparently, they would:

Fantastic follow up to Tears of Heaven, our compelling protagonist, Del is used as a pawn in a deadly game played by immortals. Flawed, deadly, and hopeful, Del tries to do everything she can to keep those she loves safe, and those she hates destroyed. The sequel adds deeper layers of mythology, in a unique and captivating way. Highly recommended.

Thanks Mike!  Your review (and all those like it) totally made my day.  If you don’t think you can impact an author that you enjoy, write them a review.  Less than 1% of readers actually write reviews, and unlike fan mail, these can have an impact on the author and on other readers.  It’s so great to have that kind of input!

I still need more (many, many more) reviews.  I'm still happy to provide review copies to anyone who would be willing.  Love it or hate it—the only obligation you should feel is to write the review.

Of course, I'd prefer you love it . . . ya know, if I have a say at all!

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