Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Thor the Thunderer—If He Was Three

"Whosever holds this hammer, if he be worthy,
Shall posses the power of Nerf."
My boys have a whole arsenal, nearly a weapon-take, of Nerf-themed swords, and shields.  I was so excited by the short-sword and shield combination that I taught my boys how to form a shield wall.  Two boys doesn’t make a very effective wall, but if Vikings ever storm the front room, my sons are prepared.

Among the treasure-trove or weapons we also have Nerf Mjolnir.  This was a gift from Tara and Dave, a couple we’ve known almost since forever.  This weekend, while my oldest boys, Tris and Porter, were practicing their sword art, my youngest, Xavi, found Mjolnir.
What Xavi thought he was doing.

The newest Thunder God began to test his hammer against the Ice Giants around our living room.  He smashed sparks from the back of the couch (Xavi, please don’t).  He struck down fell demons found in my foot (Xavi, you’re going to get time out).  Finally, he attacked Loki, who apparently was hidden in the back of my chair.

At this point Xavi was found unworthy of
What Xvai was actually doing.
Mjolnir.  As his father, I took it away from him, and placed it in another realm—Ontopofthefrig.  There was much wailing, gnashing of teeth, and rending of clothing, as the Thunder God began his protestations of innocence.  Alas, I had seen and witnessed all these actions with my own eye.  Xavi the Thunderer, will have to prove his worth again before Mjolnir is returned.

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