Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I'll be in My Bunker

You're denying people their legal rights?
Tell me again how you're not a bigot!
All other arguments aside (most of which don’t matter at all), the biggest reason that people should be upset with Rowan County, Kentucky clerk Kim Davis is not her hypocrisy, her contradictions or her personal history.  It should be that, because of bigotry, she is refusing to do her job.

That's where this starts and ends. Whether or not she has a personal "moral objection" or even a "moral obligation," her job is to issue pieces of paper to people so they can get married under the eyes of the law. The law has said that same-sex couples can be issued their piece of paper. She's not letting them.

With any kind of claimed moral objection/obligation there is a certain responsibility.  You don’t beat up or cripple people because your club doesn’t like someone else’s life philosophy or lifestyle (choice or not choice).  You don’t shoot unarmed civilians (men, women or children) because your superior officer orders it.  You don’t gas an entire religious group because they stand out and it’s in fashion to lay blame on them.  Stances against that kind of behavior, which most laws already protect against, are understandable and justifiable.

This ain’t that.  Davis' denying anyone and everyone the right to their piece of paper, which their tax dollars paid for her to provide, isn’t based on preventing pain, death or mass murder.  Not only has it been ruled that people have the right to marry regardless of gender, but it’s been proved there is no harm whatsoever in such unions.

That bears repeating.  There is no harm in same-sex marriage.  No harm to the people getting married.  No harm to other marriages.  No harm to any children (biological or adopted) raised under the union.  No harm to the next door neighbors, or the nation as a whole.

There is no harm.

Frumpy ain't all bad!
And yet, there remains Davis.  She can't be fired, because she's an elected official.  It would take a special, and costly, session of the Kentucky State legislature to impeach and remove her.  It's already taken special and costly judicial action to repeatedly tell Davis that her "moral objections" are not outweighed by the her legal obligation.  This is like denying someone a driver’s license because, well, they've been married four times previously.  It’s like not allowing someone to have a hunting or fishing license because they dress frumpy or are consider plain or unattractive.  One has nothing to do with the other.

We're in for at least one more round of judicial review as Davis' actions can now be found in contempt of court.

So if you’re going to be upset with Davis, be upset for the right reasons.  She's not doing her job because of her bigotry.  Her personal history, her beliefs and how she applies them, her own lifestyle choices don’t matter.  It’s her job to issue pieces of paper to people who have a legal right to them.  Her bigotry has stopped her from doing her job.

There's really nothing more to it.

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